The Competition

What does the award do for participating museums and galleries?

  • Give a European visibility.
  • Demonstrate the value museums bring to communities across Europe.
  • Create a network for exchange and debate over the role and impact of art museums in society.
  • Provide extra marketing support by publication through EMA communication channels (website, social media, partnerships, network of EMA representatives in about 40 European countries).
  • Attract more visitors and new audiences.
  • Raise awareness of importance of roles of art museums in today’s society and demonstrate the value museums bring to communities across Europe.

What can be won?

The award is handed over during our annual Award Ceremony and the winner will be given extra attention through the media and within the networks of the European Museum Academy and its partners. The winner will receive a trophy specially designed for the occasion.

Award Ceremony?

The Award Ceremony, which is part of the annual European Museum Academy Award Ceremony, takes place in the second half of September in a different European city every year.

What does it cost?

The entry fee is 300 Euros per application. This fee is necessary to administer the award application as well as to visit the candidates. (For Year 2022, the application Fee is waived) 

Who can apply?

All art museums and art galleries are eligible to apply.


Applications must be submitted in English.

Who will assess the projects?

The Jury consists of international experts from different disciplines – experts who are particularly aware of the social role of art museums. From the list of applications, the judges will decide upon a shortlist of institutions, which will then be personally visited by members of the Jury.

If the Covid-19 pandemic does not allow our judges to visit the applying museums personally there will be an online judging instead.

How do I apply?

Click on ‘Submit your Project‘ in the menu, create your account and submission.

Application Form?

After you have registered you will be asked to fill in an application form which is accompanied by a questionnaire asking for further information. There you can also load your additional information as an applicant.


The closing date for applications is 29 April 2022.


The European Museum Academy does not accept any responsibility for applications that do not comply to these rules and regulations or do not arrive at the Art Museum Award office after the deadline as stated above.

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